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The Latvian-German company HM RĪGA is one of the largest printing establishments in Latvia. Our printing house has been working since 1995. We offer our clients a full range of services, starting with the design elaboration and ending with the various types of post-printing processes.

The significant share of our printing output is the production of various packaging for food, pharmaceuticals, and industrial goods. Over the past years the production volume of promotional materials for visual advertising, as well as labels, and labels for consumer products has been considerably increased. PRODUCTS  GALLERY

The basis of our success in the market is the use of modern technologies and efficient equipment. The large fleet of modern offset printing presses and peripherals provides our clients with the prompt execution of high complexity orders. Service

Special attention should be paid to our 5-color printing machine HEIDELBERG which allows UV ink printing. It gives us an opportunity to seal up such synthetic and polymeric materials and surfaces which are inaccessible to conventional offset printing presses. For example, non-absorbent synthetic materials, such as PET (PETG) film, laminated materials, metallized paper and cardboard.

Also, we have developed economically rational technology which allows us to produce cardboard coasters (even the smallest ones) of any shape and in any numbers of copies.

In addition, long-term and reliable relations with suppliers, and in some cases directly with the manufacturers of cardboard and paper, make it possible for us to maintain high standards of product quality thus meeting the most stringent certification requirements.

For a detailed control of printing process a system of quality control has been developed which fully corresponds to ISO standards.

Using the raw materials of leading European manufacturers we offer embossing font (Brails) on pharmaceutical packaging (in accordance with the EU directive 2001/83/EC) for the blind people.

Application of the multi-functional scanner at the final stage of packaging boxes production allows us to offer our clients a firm guarantee of automatic control of correspondence to the established standards.

Despite fierce competition in the field of printing established in the current market, our printing house manages not only to keep the number of our clients, but also to increase their number by active market research and development. We are proud of the high trust reposed in us by well-known Latvian manufacturers and advertising companies. Intense competition is not only the rivalry of companies. Often it leads to various forms of cooperation. Thus, the potential and capabilities of our company use more than 70 publishing houses and advertising agencies in Riga and Latvia.  OUR CLIENTS

All this allows us with hope and confidence to face the future! We are sincerely glad that you have visited our website. If you are interested in our printing offers, please do not hesitate to contact us! CONTACTS